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Dear KSB Family and Friends,

One of our greatest joys in life is listening to Keystone State Boychoir. We love to hear the laughter and camaraderie of our young men and their friends as we carpool to rehearsals and concerts each week. Right before our very eyes, our boys are growing into amazing young men with a joie de vivre about life. They are smart, disciplined, confident choristers who understand the contribution that their own voice makes to the good of the whole choir. They love singing and they love the community of friends and directors that is Keystone State Boychoir.

All of this is possible because Keystone State Boychoir believes in choral excellence, human growth and development in the arts, as well as nurturing leadership in our members and promoting their participation in the enrichment of our community. KSB provides a wide variety of choral opportunities, including tours and diverse performances that allow the boys to grasp the true meaning of ensemble singing in its highest form. Weekly rehearsals are designed to better their musicianship and vocal skills in preparation for multiple performances each year. Through it all, the boys develop life-long friendships and a rich sense of community that goes beyond their academic and musical experience in school.

As our boys grow in this musical process, it is up to us, as part of the KSB community, to help them achieve their goals, not just by getting our boys to rehearsals and concerts, but through financial support. Commonwealth Youthchoirs strives to keep tuition low and affordable to all families, but tuition only pays for about 1/3 of the actual cost of membership.

When you make a contribution to Keystone State Boychoir, you can take credit for strengthening the boys’ experience and building our community. Every person counts and every contribution matters. Even a modest donation can pay for folders or a piece of music.

It would be tremendous to have 100% family participation this year. Whether increasing your gift from last year, maintaining your giving level, or making a first time gift, it matters. Yes, it makes a difference in our annual budget, but more importantly, it makes a difference for our boys. It’s easy to donate online - click the convenient DONATE button below.


Tina Abate
KSB Parent of Chris Abate

Debbie DiMarzio
KSB Parent of Colman Cumberland

P.S. Do you work for a company that will match your gift? Many companies double or even triple employee charitable gifts. If your company has such a program, please return your donation with a form from your human resources department, and we’ll take it from there.